Digital Fusion, Inc. (DFI) is a premier developer of computer games and entertainment software founded by Pepe Moreno in 1993.

HELLCAB Digital Fusion's inaugural game was Hellcab, an interactive time travel adventure on CD-ROM, published by the Time Warner Interactive Group. The game's first press run sold out within a week of it's release and has since become a best seller and a classic. This was one of the first CD-ROM titles ever, setting standards in originality incontent and form. It was designed as a mainstream Hollywood-like title and won the number one rating for 1993 in Billboard Magazine.

RIVERS OF DAWN Rivers of Dawn came next: a dynamic, story-based RPG game. It features all the depth, detail, and play time of a traditional (text-based) RPG, interpreted in a dynamic virtual setting and designed for a broader audience. A classic among those who got the chance to play it, the title got great pre-release reviews but sank in the months prior to release. There have been requests for a new release but the right circumstance have not yetarrived.

REAL POOL Real Pool is a best seller, the first in a series of trademarked games based on DFI's proprietary real-time 3D engine with "real-life" graphics and "real-life" physics.

BEACH HEAD 2000 Instant smash hit among casual users and gamers alike! Up-to-date photo-realistic 3D graphics, the game broke new ground and literately started the casual war game trend. Dozens of titles follow the trend although BEACHHEAD 2000 continues to be a bestseller.

BEACH HEAD ARCADE From the creation of Beach Head Arcade, the Beach Head line of titles made and easy transition to arcade versions. It was a breakthrough in arcade gaming and a smash hit, and has been the number one arcade game for two years in a row. The game could be found just about anywhere, from Universal studios to Las Vegas, and beyond.

BEACH HEAD 2002 Beach Head 2002 is the bestselling sequel to BEACHHEAD 2000, reaching a broad audience of retired generals, parents, and their kids of any age. Even high-octane bands like AC/DC play it between concerts to release stress (or get wired).

REAL DOMINOES Real Dominoes, released in 2001, is a 3-D photo-realistic interpretation set in a virtual European café, playing with friends, family, and the locals. It covers all the classic domino games from Texas 42 to solitaire. A well-crafted game and a family favorite.

TIGER HUNT Tiger Hunt, released in 2003, is an arcade-like simulation of WWII armor combat with photo-realistic environments, ?real-life? characteristics, and variables emphasizing the excitement and horror of the human experience onboth sides of the conflict. AGeat graphics and intensive gameplay., it became an instant favor iteamong war gamers and tank combat simulation fans.

BEACH HEAD DESERT WAR Desert War is a remake of Beachhead 2002 but in the (Iraqi) desert. BH Desert War was released as a download only and became an instant favorite in the online community. Easy-to-play and very small to download, it soon reached top-ten and remains a strong online seller.